Television shows and real estate hype gurus make investing in rental properties sound like an easy way for anybody to make a quick million. In reality, investing in real estate is a huge decision that affects not only your finances, but your time and peace of mind. Before jumping on the rental property bandwagon, carefully analyze several factors about yourself and the property you are considering. 1–Location. While there are […]

Ask the questions , ” which is a better investment – stocks or real estate ” is like asking if chocolate or vanilla more or Bentley better than Aston Martin. There really is no answer , because there are a lot of your personality , your preferences and style . It also reduces the specific features of individual investment . The little action beat buy beachfront property in California in […]

Real estate investment in almost every country of the world is done in an unorganized way due to the want of organized real estate markets. As other investments like stocks and other instruments provide instant liquidity real estate is hard to cash. The prices are surely governed by the demand and supply theory of economics but at times it is difficult to ascertain the value of individually owned real estate […]

This site is being published by me viz. Bijendra Ojha who has 6 years of experience in the IT field. Being a successful professional and entrepreneur I accumulated massive wealth in my career and thought of investing it wisely so that I can get maximum returns possible. In the pursuit of realization of my object I created an account in the buyers’ category in a prominent real estate intermediary website. […]